AFPAK Provides Turnkey Solution for Coffee Pod Packaging machines 

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AFPAK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers for coffee capsule packing equipment, start to offering turnkey solutions for coffee pod packaging machine worldwide range. What’s more, AFPAK will soon supply complete sets of coffee pods packing machines in the near future.


Main solution includes Coffee Pod Packaging machines, bag packing machine, support equipment and automation software among other accessories. Which will help the coffee roasters to easily integrate coffee pods capsule manufacturing machines into their existing coffee roast systems.


These newly upgraded automatic coffee pod packaging machines are low and high volume machines that can produce capsules up to 24,000+ per hour. This makes AFPAK’s automatic coffee pods packaging machine suitable for small to large scale coffee capsule packaging companies like coffee shops, cafes or the coffee roasting companies.


“Our Italy client is looking forward to see the Coffee Pod Packaging machines, which are all-in-one equipment contain bag or box packing with great capacity,” said Dr. Deng, AFPAK R&D Supervisor. “Take a general view of our turnkey solution for the Coffee Pod Packaging process, we do our best to control efficiency and energy consumption at the best level.”


AFPAK make the Coffee Pod Packaging machines according to ISO compliant equipment standard, along with the CE certificated. The coffee pod packaging line come with bag packing already fixed on the machine and connected to the main system through a conveyor belt.


To build an all-in-one automatic Coffee Pod Packaging machine, we fixed with everything coffee pods manufacturers need to begin producing.


Coffee granules filling station: with servo motor drive from auger or scale, difference on the production needs, attached vacuum feeder automatic load the coffee from the coffee storage tank.

Coffee pods bag packing machine: AFPAK coffee pods packing machines have different bag packing systems, random number with pouch bag, or one by one stick packing.


Equip with fully automatic control system, the production precise of various processes and more accuracy for the operations.


Other coffee pods support equipment such as cooling system, air tank, nitrogen tank, coffee feeder, nitrogen generator and air compressor. This is basically a complete turnkey solution for coffee pods manufacturing process that aims to increase productivity and reduce downtime.


The machines can produce round, ellipse and square to tubs soft coffee pods, with liquid option. With the production capacity ranging from 800-10000 pods per hour depending on machine speed and fill material.


AFPAK Coffee Pod Packaging machines come in different capacity such as small designs for coffee shop, alongside large scale production for coffee roaster industries.




AFPAK researches designs and manufactures coffee pod packaging machines. For over 12 years, AFPAK has expanded to over three factories that deal in coffee capsule filling packing machines, and empty capsules, amongst others.


All machines and equipment are CE and GMP compliant. The latest in its product line is the new era of AFPAK fully automatic coffee pod packaging machines.


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