AFPAK Releases an Ultimate Solution on Coffee Capsule Packing Machine on Their Website

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Suzhou, China, Apr. 07, 2022 — AFPAK, a global top leader in designing and manufacturing coffee capsule filling packing equipment, today released an Coffee capsule packing machine ultimate solution. This guide covers an in-depth analysis of all coffee capsule filling and packing machines.

It is an all-in-one guide to coffee capsule production with important information that will help manufacturers and technicians optimize the industry’s coffee production operations. The guide was written by AFPAK’s technicians and engineers and is under the responsibility of Mr. Jeff Fang, General Manager of AFPAK.

“Throughout 2018, AFPAK has worked to develop an online resource center for coffee capsule filling and packing at, and,” said Mr. Jeff Fang.” This is part of the company’s effort to provide in-depth knowledge and information on each coffee capsule packing machine, and we are excited to share the new guide on coffee capsule packaging machines in hopes of helping more people have a more comprehensive understanding of coffee capsule equipment.”

AFPAK’s ultimate solution guide on coffee capsule packing machine is a 3k-plus word guide, divided into three distinct sections:

Section 2: Categories of coffee capsules and the final finished picture

AFPAK has compiled some of the world’s best-selling categories including Nespresso, K cups, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza capsules, etc., analyzed their differences, and given out the finished products manufactured by AFPAK’s coffee capsule packing equipment for years of production.

Designed to give you a better understanding of the market activity of the different categories of coffee capsules under each market

Section 2: Coffee Capsule Packing Machines Ranges

It covers the different production speeds of coffee capsule filling and packaging equipment available today. They mainly include the size of production, advantages of each machine, scope of application, size of specifications, etc.

This section explores all these basic questions about coffee capsule packing.

Section 3: FAQ about Coffee Capsule Packing Machines

This section discusses some common questions about coffee capsule packing equipment. We list dozens of questions that people at all stages of the process may encounter and then answer them accordingly.

The section includes definitions, types/classifications, technical specifications, quality compliance/verification, how it works, parts/components, buying and tips and reasons for installing the coffee capsule packing machine.

Each section has relevant pictures, videos and diagrams that provide more information on the coffee capsule packing process or machine. There is also a reference section at the end of the coffee capsule packing equipment guide.

This ultimate guide to wet granulation is tailored for both novices and professionals in the coffee capsule manufacturing industry – both machine manufacturers and end users.

The guide is available on AFPAK’s website for free.


AFPAK researches, designs and manufactures coffee capsule filling packing machines and equipment. For over 12 years, AFPAK has expanded to over three factories that deal in coffee capsule filling, coffee capsule packing and empty capsules, among others.

The company has published a series of guidelines for coffee capsule filling, packing, one stop packaging solutions and many more. The latest in its publications is the Ultimate Guide on Coffee capsule packing machine.

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