Air Conditioning Cleaning

Clean air conditioning unit
Air Condtioning cleaning

As any good cafe or restaurant owner knows cleanliness of the premises is vital to the running of a successful business. No customer wants to see dirty tables and floors or not properly washed glasses – there is nothing more off putting than a lipstick mark on your water glass. A thoroughly clean premises also keeps cockroaches and rodents away too.

Something that many business owners forget about cleaning is their air conditioning unit. In any area where there is food being prepared – and more so in the fast food industry, the air conditioner will take in all the grime and oils of the kitchen. And then when turned on they will blow the air across all that muck back into your kitchen or in the dining area. The regular cleaning of your air conditioner helps to prevent the spread of germs and ensures your air conditioner runs far more efficiently. 

Health risks and air conditioning

There can be some serious health risks if an air conditioning system is not maintained. Legionnaires Disease is one big one. This will more commonly occur in larger buildings that use cooling towers in their  air conditioning systems. Be mindful that many cafes and restaurants do exist in these types of situations. Other air conditioning based illnesses are increased likelihood of asthma and colds. 

Dirty air conditioner

Inefficient Air Conditioners Cost you money

If an air conditioning unit is full of build up it will have to work much harder to run efficiently. In fact it won’t run efficiently at all. And inefficiencies cost you. A well maintained and regularly cleaned air conditioner will last much longer than one that is not maintained or cleaned on a regular basis and means lower energy bills because the unit isn’t working as hard.

Air Conditioning Cleaning Makes Sense

Save money, keep cooler in summer and maintain good customer service by investing in regular air conditioning cleaning services from air conditioning professionals.

Clean air conditioning unit

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