Security Cameras For Restaurants

security camera

Most eateries these days are going to need security cameras. Whether you’re using them to protect your till, your reputation, or your patrons, you’re going to need some monitoring. We’ve been through many security camera solutions and providers and have come to some conclusions to share with you.

security camera

You Need Good Cameras

I’ve seen instanced where cameras have captured something but not in sufficient detail to be of any use. In the many decades I’ve been involved in hospitality this has gone from being a major issue to something that just shouldn’t be a concern any more. Cameras are now available at good prices that will deliver resolutions that can capture everything.

You also want to think about night vision. This is often where cheaper cameras and better cameras diverge. Night vision can be very flat, with a big white spot and almost no details. Or…if you get a good modern camera you can get amazing details.

Something to note is you should get the cameras you need. Don’t automatically get the 4K camera just because you can. Get the camera that delivers the performance you need without over-spending. (But always get one that’s a bit better than what you need. If you know what I mean.)

Consult With A Security Company

You can get DIY solutions for security cameras but my advise is to get a security company involved. They’ve usually seen thousands of scenarios and understand how to configure your system to make it effective. I’ve been at restaurants that had cameras and failed to capture critical incidents. Don’t let this be you. Hire a professional CCTV installer.

Options For Brisbane And Gold Coast

These are just a few recommendations based on people I’ve used.

If you’re in Brisbane try: Brisbane Security Alarm Systems.

If you’re on the Gold Coast try: TES Property Services.

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